Luxury Ledger – Smart Contract Audit

Blockchain-backed global commerce with supply chain management, digital asset registry and decentralized marketplace aligning brand and consumers. Participants of the Luxury Ledger Network benefit from verifiable authenticity and transparency in all luxury and retail goods transactions. Our mission is to promote adoption of blockchain networks in enterprise and consumer commerce. We strongly believe that integration and application of Luxury Ledger …

Topscoin (TPC) – Smart Contract Audit

Decentralized Consulting Platform for ICO Developers, Advisors, Crypto-Experts and Investors. TPC Coin is a platform for the future of funding that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It accelerates the growth of start-up companies by offering tools and services that save both time and resources. Smart contract code Smart contract audit report

Giegle Contract – Smart Contract Audit

a decentralized platform that enables companies and consumers to find each other by providing smart marketing tools. A consumer can create a (always) free account and gets awarded with Giegle’s to spend later on the platform, in where they can create their own profile based on interests. Within their account they can invite friends to participate, and they can send …

TIZACOIN – Smart Contract Audit

Advertiza is a Digital Advertising App that benefit everyone in the advertising value chain. Advertiza gives cash rewards to users who refer potential advertisers to the app and consumers who shop from the businesses listed on the app are also rewarded. Smart contract code Smart contract audit report

Exchaine – Smart Contract Audit

The EXCHAIN platform is a blockchain-based and decentralised application which will shape a revolution in the digital advertising ecosystem. The platform will bring an unprecedented new level of transparency to executing and conducting digital advertising. The EXCHAIN platform provides full transparency of ad spend and impression volumes at every stage of the ad chain, by using blockchain’s decentralised storage mechanism. …