5 Reasons Yogesh should be featured on Toptal.com

This post describes why Yogesh Padsala should be featured on Toptal’s Ethereum smart contract developers, or Ethreum Developer category. Main reasons are as follow:

1. Competency on Core-Foundation Skills

Being a “self learned” commuter programmer, Yogesh has mastered many web development skills including PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Node.js and many frameworks like WordPress, Codeigniter, etc.

A person can not be master on special skills if he has not mastered the foundation skills of computer programming and web development.

This can be verified through the portfolio of the freelancing activities of many years, At Here.

2. Competency on Ethereum and TRON Blockchain skills

Yogesh mastered those high demand skills like: Ethereum, Tron, Solidity, Truffle, Web3.js, Tronweb.js, etc. The practical application of those skills can be viewed on the portfolio.

All those technologies are used to develop wide range of decentralized applications such as decentralized exchanges, online games, gambling sites, digital currency projects, ICO projects, etc.

3. Sense of Business Intelligence

Let’s face it! All the clients who will be paying us to do the work, are the businesses and they invest their money to launch a project in hope to make more money on the long run. So, this is why they spend their hard earn money to pay for our service.

Now, the question begins that if we provide Quality and Quantity of the service and deal with clients as Win-Win scenario, then that will work out virtually all the time.

4. Inter Personal Behavior

A big project can not be finished quickly by one person. In this case, a person has to build a team work with other developer to achieve big goal.

While working many years with people, Yogesh has developed competency in how to work with people effectively and to get them work with synergy.

That is what the Leadership is all about!

5. Personal Skills

Technical skills are useless if a person is not WILLING to do the work. So, personal skills are also very important to become a good team player to achieve great results.

Main skills are: Good work ethic, willingness to go extra miles, time management, reliability, responsibility, and many others.


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