Eredox – Smart Contract Development

Eredox is a Business Intelligence (BI) software is targeted towards owners of major capital programs, but its content is applicable to all entities or stakeholders involved with major projects and company functionality. The intent of the Eredox is to develop an enterprise software using blockchain technology for managing and controlling small, medium and large capital projects based on the experience of the project professionals. Together with our simplified solution, we offer a sound approach to answer the questions most frequently asked by project owners.

As a uniquely developed software designed to unify all business departments, Project Management, Estimating, Safety Management, Quality Management, Human Resources, Asset Management, and Environmental Management under one reporting, collaborating system and one digital data storage system combines a peer-to-peer network with blockchain technology to create the world’s first decentralised storage platform for our clients Data through Hyperledger. Eredox delivers a lower cost, integrated solution which will accommodate the customer’s departmental needs.

Change brings opportunities. We love to imagine how digital services will be in a construction industry world even more interconnected and interactive, or how smart Eredox products will be used in the daily life in Construction, and our new software technologies will make this possible. We are committed to creating excellent business opportunities for our clients and our Investors with creativity and determination. Construction companies, to make a smart use of ICTs (information and communications technology) combined with BIM (Business Intelligence Management) that provide unique experiences to our users.

Smart contract code

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