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Why SAFU Audit?

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In the past five years, crypto scams have resulted in losses of over $20 billion for investors.

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Rug-pull scams have contributed to a staggering $2.8 billion in losses.

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Rug-pull scams represented 37% of all crypto scams in 2021.

Despite the prevalence of hacks and exploitations of smart contracts in web3 projects, the majority of crypto scams, over 70%, are actually rug pulls. These rug pulls are executed by anonymous teams, making it almost impossible to hold the project owners accountable. Unfortunately, investors and users of such projects suffer significant losses in terms of capital and time invested, with no means of lodging a complaint due to the project’s anonymity.

Despite this, there are some anonymous projects in web3 that are working on highly effective and scalable Blockchain solutions. However, the increased frequency of rug pulls and the anonymity of such projects undermine their ability to build trust with users and potential investors.

Why EtherAuthority Audit?

By undergoing a thorough smart contract audit by EtherAuthority, project teams can demonstrate a confidence to their community
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Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) was coined by the Binance initially which was created to keep user’s fund safe. Now, the term SAFU is used in web3 community as way of protecting user’s fund in the smart contract.

SAFU audit is a procedure to review the smart contract code manually as well as through software tools to identify any security vulnerabilities or any backdoors. It is recommended by almost all major platform to get any project to undergo a security  audit to make sure the smart contract is safe and protects user’s fund.

There are billions of dollars of hacks are happening to the smart contract projects. Because the anonymous nature of the blockchain and web3 ecosystem, it is very difficult to recover the fund once it is hacked. So, to protect user’s fund, it is very important to undergo the rigorous smart contract audit.

EtherAuthority is pioneered in blockchain and smart contract security services since 2018. EtherAuthority is one of the oldest smart contract audit service provider since long time. EtherAuthority delivered audit reports to hundreds of projects and helped them secure their smart contracts. The EtherAuthority audit report you will get, will be recognized globally and will provide a sense of confidence to the community.

EtherAuthority implements industry standard audit procedure which brings out most of the vulnerabilities in the smart contracts. The audit team performs rigorous procedures including manual as well as software analysis to identify any possible vulnerable scenarios.



The audit pricing depends on code length and complexity. But most projects we did range from $1k to $5k price range. So, kindly send your smart contract code to us and we will provide your accurate time/budget estimation.

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