EtherAuthority team has analyzed this smart contract in accordance with the
best industry practices at the date of this report, in relation to: cybersecurity
vulnerabilities and issues in smart contract source code, the details of which
are disclosed in this report, (Source Code); the Source Code compilation,
deployment and functionality (performing the intended functions).
Due to the fact that the total number of test cases are unlimited, so the audit
makes no statements or warranties on security of the code. It also cannot be
considered as a sufficient assessment regarding the utility and safety of the
code, bugfree status or any other statements of the contract. While we have
done our best in conducting the analysis and producing this report, it is
important to note that you should not rely on this report only. We also suggest
to conduct a bug bounty program to confirm the high level of security of this
smart contract.

Technical Disclaimer
Smart contracts are deployed and executed on blockchain platform. The
platform, its programming language, and other software related to the smart
contract can have their own vulnerabilities that can lead to hacks. Thus, the
audit can’t guarantee explicit security of the audited smart contracts.