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Why Smart Contract Audit ?

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In the past five years, crypto scams have resulted in losses of over $20 billion for investors.

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Rug-pull scams have contributed to a staggering $2.8 billion in losses.

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Rug-pull scams represented 37% of all crypto scams in 2021.

Smart Contract Security Audit identifies potential security vulnerabilities in your code. EtherAuthority smart contract audit services address these vulnerabilities before any of the malicious party takes advantage and ruins your platform’s reputation. However, comparatively this technology is new and the confusion that you have right now is quite natural. What is smart contract audit? Why a smart contract audit is important? If you really need a smart contract audit, we are here to answer all these questions for you.

A vulnerable smart contract is much more than a reflection on a flawed program. It holds the faith of a developer’s reputation, can completely ruin a project and months of efforts that went into it before launch. This can tarnish your image; invite huge financial loss, so the question is how do you avoid it?

Smart Contract is irreversible in nature which means they cannot be altered once deployed. A smart contract audit is the smartest move to prevent permanent damage; for such a permanent task you would need one of the best crypto audit companies there is. As Smart Contract audit process allows the smart contract auditor to eliminate flaws from the project that could be exploited by malicious actors to perform unauthorized activities. The smart contract audit company provides its client with a report that specifically details all the detected vulnerability and their severity level. So the client can prioritize the critical and severity issues and eliminate it from the contract’s code.

Why EtherAuthority Audit?

By undergoing a thorough smart contract audit by EtherAuthority, project teams can demonstrate a confidence to their community
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A reliable smart contract demands a high level of security code quality or else your project no matter which solidity; it can face hacking attacks and suffer huge losses. As one of the best crypto audit companies, EtherAuthority has developed custom based methodology and standards that offer expert advice to blockchain based businesses to secure their smart contract and the assets involved.

We perform security audits for all Solidity based smart contracts including  Ethereum Smart Contract audit, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Smart Contracts Audit, Tron Smart Contracts Audit and all other Solidity based blockchain smart contracts Audit. If you are thinking of getting a smart contract audit and wondering how much will a smart contract audit cost you? Then let me tell you the cost of an auditing process is fairly dependent on the type of smart contract you have. But still if you want to get an exact number then do contact us as our smart contract consultation process is completely free so it won’t cost you a dime to get an estimate of your smart contract audit.

How the process will work?

Over the years, EtherAuthority has created the finest smart contract audit process that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to detecting vulnerabilities. Tiniest of bugs to the most critical issues, the thorough manual and automated audit simultaneously finds it out. Here are the main stages how we conduct a security audit for your smart contract.


Manual analysis


Simulated tests




Issuing audit report


Smart contract audit is a procedure to review the code manually as well as through software tools to identify any security vulnerabilities or any backdoors. It is recommended by almost all major platform to get any project to undergo a security  audit to make sure the smart contract is safe and protects user’s fund.

There are mainly two types of  audit. Public and private audit.


Private Audit would be issued during the development process of smart contract so bugs and vulnerabilities can be identified and fixed. The process takes place in two stages, first stage is where the initial audit takes place and after those bugs are identified in the code, and then we make the final audit. This entire audit process is kept confidential and strictly secure. The results of the audit are used for one and only purpose that is to improve the contract while it is in the development phase.


Public Audit contains conclusion about the work of the smart contract, specifically stated weak points that can become an easy target for malicious attacks and optimization and improvement recommendations. This is an official public audit report that is published on our website and you can refer to it whenever you want.

With the increase in the adoption of blockchain technology around the globe, smart contracts have certainly proven evident. EtherAuthority is one of the leading smart contract audit company that thoroughly inspect your smart contract and enhances its efficiency to the fullest. Smart Contracts are self executing code that determines the terms and conditions of its respective application. It acts as the underlying block for applications such as NFTs, DAO, decentralized finance, etc.

Considering the immutable nature that blockchain technology holds forte in, updating the code would be impossible after its deployed. Therefore, deployment of smart contracts without adequate audits can definitely invite some undesirable circumstances like gas leakage, contract not working as it was intended to and more.

Smart contract audit services offered by EtherAuthority expose all smart contracts’ vulnerabilities thus empowering the organizations to stay ahead of hackers, breach in security and cyber threats that can put their finances and security at risk.

Basically, a project gets its confirmation of being reliable for the investors and any potential partners which puts the project at a position of being a reputable player. As a result, smart contract auditing is one of the important development steps for every new project. Smart contract auditing process offers some of these dynamic benefits:

Superior Optimization: Smart Contract code is optimized by the audit thus revealing any indirect command execution such as reentrancy, interface issue, unknown code, gas-incentive operation and many other flaws.

Improved Security: In-depth smart contract audit can lend a few hands in discovering every possible security vulnerabilities and risk factors by eliminating insecure codes. Therefore, leaving no room for tampering, keeping your smart contract safe.

Efficiency in codes: Auditing your smart contract improves the efficiency of your code as it thoroughly investigates every code and how well it is written, verifying every variable and function which allows them to perform better.

Performance Oriented: The smart contract auditors before deployment will assist you with the automation process of your smart contract to improve its overall functionality and avoid glitches.

Make your decentralized application smarter with one of the best crypto audit companies; our primary focus is on eliminating any bugs and vulnerabilities that can affect your smart contracts’ performance. Digital world has seen a huge raise in trust issues, so in order to enhance the security quotient businesses are adopting smart contract development services around the globe.

EtherAuthority is pioneered in blockchain and smart contract security services since 2018. EtherAuthority is one of the oldest smart contract audit service provider since long time. EtherAuthority delivered audit reports to hundreds of projects and helped them secure their smart contracts. The EtherAuthority audit report you will get, will be recognized globally and will provide a sense of confidence to the community.

Smart contract auditors at EtherAuthority utilize high-end tools for automated review and testing. We have an elaborated set of analysis techniques that examines your source code thoroughly for security loopholes, syntax errors and any other weaknesses.

After the automated testing we go for the manual analysis and testing of your smart contract. In this process we look for any unanticipated behaviors and vulnerabilities such as denial of service, reentrance, logical flaws, overflow and many others.

EtherAuthority is considered one of the leading smart contract audit company for a reason, our team of smart contract auditors detect any vulnerabilities and find a way to fix them. Improve you smart contract’s performance which directly boost the credibility of your project and make it certain that your project represents trust for your users.

EtherAuthority implements industry standard audit procedure which brings out most of the vulnerabilities in the smart contracts. The audit team performs rigorous procedures including manual as well as software analysis to identify any possible vulnerable scenarios.



The audit pricing depends on code length and complexity. But most projects we did range from $1k to $5k price range. So, kindly send your smart contract code to us and we will provide your accurate time/budget estimation.

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