Public Blockchain Development

Launch your very own public blockchain like Ethereum
Blockchain development service

What is included?

This package includes all those components, which are needed to launch a public blockchain platform as like ethereum or BSC. Following components are included in the whole service package.

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Testnet is a sandbox version of the blockchain. It lets developers to test the platform without spending real money

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This is the main blockchain network. Its native coin is considered as a real currency of entire platform

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Block Explorers

Block explorer provides interface of the state of the blockchain. Both testnet and mainnet will have its explorer

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Faucet lets developers to request testnet coins to do their development and testing the platform

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Cross-Chain Bridge

This is very significant component. It lets users to enter into the ecosystem from other blockchains

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Decentralised Exchange (DEX) lets users exchange their assets inside the blockchain ecosystem.

Why EtherAuthority?

EtherAuthority has a proven track records of serving clients since 2018 in blockchain development as well as blockchain security
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How the process will work?


System Architecture


Component Development


System Testing


Delivery and Launch


We can do Proof of Authority (PoA), Proof of Stake (PoS), Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), Hybridge Proof of Stake (HPoS).  Out of all these, our recommended consensus is DPoS, as it is widely used and has more decentralisation over PoA.

The blockchain network security is provided by the set of Validators. These validators are mainly the highest staking users. They earn transaction fee paid while transactions.

becoming a validator is a two step process. First setup a validator node. This is to setup the entire blockchain node in the server. Then the second step is to stake the required coins. This minimum staking amount can be set when deploying the genesis block.

Mainly Metamask will work for mobile as well as desktop. Since this is an EVM compatible blockchain. So, any wallet which supports adding new network will work.

Our engineering team will start the project once the payment is confirmed. And our team will setup entire ecosystem for your own brand.

Price depends on complexity as well as requirement of the project. But basic price starts from $10k and it can go above $100k depending on the project architecture and requirement.

Again, it depends on project complexity and custom requirements.  However for normal types of projects we can delivery in a month time.

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