Our Brand Story

We are EtherAuthority

This is how we
express ourselves.
Our brand goes beyond a mere logo. It's how people connects with us

Our logo is our soul

Our logo is our expression, our identity and our principles

Our values

Being at service

Ethereum was the pioneer of the blockchain revolution, which is why we included the term 'Ether' in our logo. Our vision is to become an authority in this space, which is why we chose the name 'EtherAuthority' to represent our brand as the leading provider of blockchain development and security services.

Our Colors

Dark Blue

HEX: #0062bf
RGB: rgba(0,98,191,255)

Sky Blue

HEX: #0f9bd8
RGB: rgba(16,155,216,255)


Hex: #ffffff
RGB: rgba(255,255,255,255)

Our final Logo

Our slogan

Making Web3 Safer