Mantle Token Smart Contract Audit

Project Background

  • This Solidity smart contract implements an ERC20 token with additional functionalities like minting, burning, and governance using OpenZeppelin’s upgradeable contracts. The contract, `L1MantleToken`, is designed to allow minting with specific constraints and includes governance features such as votes. Here is a detailed breakdown of its structure and functionality:
  • The contract imports several modules from OpenZeppelin’s library:
    • ERC20Upgradeable: The basic ERC20 token functionality.
    • ERC20BurnableUpgradeable: Adds burn functionality.
    • OwnableUpgradeable: Adds ownership and access control.
    • ERC20PermitUpgradeable: Adds EIP-2612 permits for gas-less approvals.
    • ERC20VotesUpgradeable: Adds voting functionality.
    • Initializable: Support for upgradeable contracts.
  • The `L1MantleToken` contract is a comprehensive implementation of an ERC20 token with additional features for minting, burning, and governance. It ensures strict control over minting operations to prevent inflation and includes upgradeable features to allow future modifications.


Executive Audit Summary

  • According to the standard audit assessment, the Customer`s solidity smart contracts are “Secured”.  Also, these contracts contain owner control, which does not make them fully decentralized.
  • We used various tools like Slither, Solhint and Remix IDE. At the same time this finding is based on critical analysis of the manual audit.
  • We found 0 critical, 0 high, 0 medium, 0 low and 1 very low-level issues.

Audit Report in PDF


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