Pyth Network Smart Contract Audit

 Project Background

Website Details

  • Pyth Network provides real-time market data for smart contracts, covering cryptocurrencies, equities, forex, and commodities. It integrates with over 50 blockchains and is supported by major financial institutions like Jane Street and CBOE. 
  • Pyth uses a pull oracle model, allowing applications to request data on-demand, ensuring precise and timely updates. It offers robust APIs for seamless integration, enabling developers to access accurate and low-latency market data. Pyth is used by various DeFi applications for secure and reliable data feeds.


Code Details

  • The provided Solidity code is a comprehensive implementation of a proxy contract system. It includes:
    • StorageSlot Library: Defines structs for different data types and provides functions to access storage slots.
    • Address Library: Offers utilities for address-related functions, such as checking if an address is a contract and performing low-level calls.
    • Proxy Contract: An abstract contract for delegating calls to an implementation contract.
    • ERC1967Upgrade: Provides functions for upgrading and managing the implementation and admin addresses according to the EIP-1967 standard.
    • BeaconProxy: A proxy contract that delegates calls to an implementation returned by a beacon contract.
    • BridgeToken: A concrete implementation of the BeaconProxy contract.
  • This structure allows for upgradable proxy contracts, enabling changes to implementation logic without altering the proxy address.

Audit Summary

  • We observed no issue in the smart contracts.
  • The security state of the reviewed smart contract, based on standard audit procedure scope, is “Well Secured”.

Executive Audit Summary

  • According to the standard audit assessment, the Customer`s solidity smart contracts are Well Secured”.  This token contract does not have any ownership control, hence it is 100% decentralized.
  • We used various tools like Slither, Solhint and Remix IDE. At the same time this finding is based on critical analysis of the manual audit.

Audit Report in PDF


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