OKB Token Smart Contract Audit

Project Background

  • This Solidity contract seems to be an implementation of a token contract for OKB (the cryptocurrency of OKEx exchange) with functionalities like transferring tokens, pausing/unpausing transfers, approving transfers, managing allowances, freezing/unfreezing addresses, and adjusting token supply.
  • Here’s a breakdown of the key components and functionalities:
    • SafeMath Library: This library is used for arithmetic operations to prevent overflows and underflows.
    • Contract Variables:
      • balances: Mapping to store the balance of each address.
      • totalSupply: Total supply of the token.
      • name, symbol, decimals: Metadata of the token.
      • _allowed: Mapping to track allowances for each address.
      • owner: Address of the contract owner.
      • paused: Boolean flag to control whether transfers are paused or not.
      • lawEnforcementRole: Address with special permissions.
      • frozen: Mapping to track frozen addresses.
      • supplyController: Address controlling token supply.
    • Events: Events are used to log significant contract actions.
    • Modifiers:
      • onlyOwner: Restricts functions to be called only by the contract owner.
      • whenNotPaused: Restricts functions to be called only when transfers are not paused.
      • onlyLawEnforcementRole: Restricts functions to be called only by the law enforcement role.
      • onlySupplyController: Restricts functions to be called only by the supply controller.
    • Functions:
      • initialize(): Initializes the contract.
      • totalSupply(), balanceOf(), allowance(): Getters for total supply, balance of an address, and allowance of spender.
      • transfer(), transferFrom(): Transfers tokens from one address to another.
      • approve(), increaseAllowance(), decreaseAllowance(): Approves spender to spend tokens on behalf of the owner.
      • pause(), unpause(): Pauses/unpauses transfers.
      • setLawEnforcementRole(), wipeFrozenAddress(), freeze(), unfreeze(): Manage frozen addresses by the law enforcement role.
      • setSupplyController(), increaseSupply(), decreaseSupply(): Manage token supply.
  • The OKBImplementation contract is a Pausable ERC20 token with Burn and Mint controlled by a central supply controller.
  • This contract also includes external methods for setting a new implementation contract for the proxy.
  • OKB Token smart contracts offer various functions like pause/unpause contracts and freeze/unfreeze address balances for transferring.
  • Overall, this contract provides functionalities for managing a token ecosystem including ownership, transfers, allowances, freezing addresses, and controlling token supply, with certain permissions delegated to specific roles.

Website: okx.com

Executive Audit Summary

  • According to the standard audit assessment, the Customer`s solidity smart contracts are “Poor Secured”  Also, these contracts contain owner control, which does not make them fully decentralized.
  • We used various tools like Slither, Solhint and Remix IDE. At the same time this finding is based on critical analysis of the manual audit.
  • We found 1 critical, 0 high, 0 medium,  1 low and 9 very low-level issues.

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