Theta Token Smart Contract Audit

Project Background

  • This Solidity code is an ERC20-compliant token contract called “ThetaToken” with additional functionalities. Here’s a breakdown of its main components:
    • SafeMath Library: This library provides arithmetic operations with safety checks to prevent overflows and underflows.
    • ERC20 Interface: The ERC20 contract defines the standard ERC20 interface with functions like totalSupply, balanceOf, transfer, transferFrom, approve, and allowance.
    • StandardToken Contract: This contract implements the ERC20 interface and manages token balances and allowances using mappings. It also includes functions for transferring tokens (transfer and transferFrom), approving token transfers (approve), and checking allowances (allowance).
    • Controlled Contract: This contract defines a mechanism for controlling the contract. It allows the contract owner to change the controller address.
    • ThetaToken Contract: This is the main token contract that inherits from StandardToken and Controlled. It adds functionality specific to ThetaToken, such as:
      • Restricting token transfers until a certain unlock time (unlockTime).
      • Allowing pre-circulation of tokens for specific addresses before the unlock time.
      • Minting tokens, which increases the total supply and assigns new tokens to a specified owner address.
      • Changing the unlock time.
      • Modifiers to check if token transfers are allowed (can_transfer).
  • Overall, this contract allows for the creation of Theta tokens with additional features for controlling token transfers, minting new tokens, and managing pre-circulation before a specified unlock time.


Executive Audit Summary

  • According to the standard audit assessment, the Customer`s solidity smart contracts are “Secured”.  Also, these contracts contain owner control, which does not make them fully decentralized.
  • We used various tools like Slither, Solhint and Remix IDE. At the same time this finding is based on critical analysis of the manual audit.
  • We found 0 critical, 0 high, 0 medium,  3 low and 6 very low-level issues.

Audit Report in PDF


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